Barmy Stew-dent Union Claims Racism In Campus Restaurants

food4   food5.png

Rather than whipping up students to a frenzy of protest over extortionate tuition fees Cambridge University Student Union has picked a fight over restaurants selling dishes such as Jamaican Stew, Hungarian Goulash and Tunisian Rice, suggesting they are racist. *Rolls eyes and stabbing myself in the eye with a Turkish skewer* One half-Jamaican student complained that no Caribbean dish would combine mango and beef in a casserole-type meal. Fruit and meat together? Obviously the result of a know nothing fascist chef. On the Spanish coast cafes and bars have also been accused of racism as they continue to sell Full English Breakfasts, English Sunday Roasts, Welsh Rarebit (otherwise known as English cheese on toast) and Scottish haggis (no takers for 17 years). The Union President, munching a burger (not racist because it’s American), said students had a right not to be assaulted by such terrible discriminatory food stuffs. Get a life you ridiculous, moronic, brain dead box ticker. I once cooked a delicious surprise Thai meal for my family but the fire engines ruined it. Another time I got fired from my job as a chef for stealing kitchen equipment, but it was a whisk I was prepared to take.

BBC Employs Army Of Low Rent Gangsters To Collect Licence Fee

bbc2  bbc1bbc3

The Biased Bullying Corporation is targeting non licence fee payers using hundreds of enforcement officers who are receiving bonuses of up £15,000 per year if they manage to catch 28 fee dodgers per week; the equivalent of 100 licence fees per gangster. The enforcement officers have taken a man with dementia to court (case thrown out), gained access to a woman’s refuge to go after a woman who had been there six days (case thrown out) and forced access to houses and flats of the vulnerable and sick. Whilst not advocating retaliatory violence it can only be a matter of time before one of these bullies gets their faces punched in. Good. The BBC is, of course, renowned for their left wing leanings, which is strange because most of the execs are earning more than Philip Green, paid for by the licence fee. Most of the high earning star’s pay packets are secret, which makes the organisation as transparent as the Stasi. Add to this the high cost, barely watched programmes such as SS-GB, Let It Shine and the execrable, miserable cockney lament that is Eastenders, it is probably about time the licence fee was scrapped altogether. Today BBC News is fixated on the exciting news that at the Oscars the wrong Best Film was announced…….the world is going to Hell in a handcart and the viewer is expected to give a toss whether horrific musical La La Land or worthy black rights movie Moonlight wins a self-congratulatory pat on the proverbial whipped back.



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