Woolly Science – Mammephant Or Elephoth?

mammoth2   mammoth


Scientists report that they are 2 years away from creating a hybrid of an elephant and a woolly mammoth. Why they may wish to do so is a mystery. Perhaps they have been watching too much Jurassic Park? Another possibility is that they are wishing to build a new market in ivory as the mammoth has tusks almost 16 ft long. Would be worth a fortune in the Chinese market. The researchers claim their reasons for resurrecting the mammoth are; to save the Asian elephant and to combat global warming. They believe having herds of semi-mammoths roaming across the artic tundra would release huge amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, resulting in a cooling of the earth…..although we do know greenhouse gases have been responsible for decimating the ozone layer…..ironically leading to climate change. Sounds so plausible. Scientists are also working on other Ice Age/21st Century hybrids; crossing a sabre-toothed tiger with a Bengal white tiger to create a Bengal white-toothed tiger, a Dinohyus (‘terrible pig’) with a wild boar to make a wild dinoboar and a paraceratherium with a rhinocerous  to make a paraceranocerous. God, of course, loves a scientist (she loves everyone?) but the other way round? Nah, not so much.

Join My Gang And Let’s Block Brexit – Blair Resurrects His Political Corpse

blair2.png       blair3

Former Middle East peace ambassador – yes, really. That one worked out well, Middle East is as stable as Trump at a news conference – Tony Blair has been paid squillions by the pro-EU think tank Open Britain to give a talk (actually more a lecture) describing how leave voters are knuckle dragging, intolerant, small minded, racist geriatrics and remain voters were…..well, in the right. As ever with the ex-Prime Minster Blair must have reasons for entering the debate 8 months late. I guess it must involve money or power – the only motivators for the Messianic megalomaniac…arguably a war criminal…..liar…..power junkie……oh, and did I mention liar? There are those who believe that call-me-Tony saved the Labour party, was right to put in place the conditions where hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis including many, many children were killed…murdered…and that his experience and intellect would be a force for good. They call these people, his family. Blair attacked the speech with all his legendary (in his own mind) surety of delivery and plausibility. The only problem for him is that everyone now knows when he is lying – his lips move. I would like to be able to see his point of view but I can’t seem to get my head that far up my arse.

Europol Chief Predicts More Terrorism In The UK (after Brexit, naturally)

europol.png    europol3

Rob Wainwright, the British Director of Europol, has warned that in a post-Brexit Britain, divorced from the intelligence capabilities of the other 27 members of the EU, the UK may be more vulnerable to a terrorist attack. Cursed by opponents as ‘still fighting Project Fear (vis-a-vis the Remain campaign) the former MI5 intelligence analyst said it was vital for Theresa May to ensure co-operation with European security agencies continues. This may well be a non-partisan intervention but all the terrorist attacks in the last few years have been on European mainland soil – Nice, Bataclan etc. If we exit the EU and have to leave Europol I would bet any money that our spooks and intelligence gatherers would be fine.


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