Brexit To Blame For Rise In Hate Crimes

hatecrime.jpg  hatecrime2.jpg hatecrime3.jpg

The Press Association has published figures which suggest that hate crime has surged to record levels…..since the Brexit vote (is there no bad news story which is not being blamed on Brexit? – global warming, the courgette and lettuce shortage, the rise in divorces, rising air pollution and brain damage in footballers). Three forces; Manchester, the Met and West Yorkshire have recorded over 1000 incidents with the trendy, liberal, remain voting, racially integrated Metropolis of London recording the highest at 3,356 crimes. The assumption by those reporting the figures is that this shows white on black hate crimes have increased as a result of Britain deciding to leave the EU – but the figures do not show how many of these crimes are Muslims against Jews, women and Christians. This is because it does not suit the arguments of the liberals who believe hate crime is only perpetrated against black or Asian people. The Equal and Human Rights Commission chairman David Isaac said, ‘A small minority of people used the Brexit vote to legitimise inexcusable racism and prejudice. We cannot allow such intolerable acts of hate to be condoned or repeated.’ No mention of anti-Semitism or black on white abuse. Is it a sound assumption to make that people have become more likely to be prejudiced as a result of the Brexit vote? I think not. If you were not racist (of all cultures) before 23rd June it’s unlikely you will have become racist because of the leave vote.  I’m unsure whether one can tell jokes which include ethnicity these days but I’ll take my chances with the thought police; Give a Nigerian a fish and he’ll eat for a day. teach a Nigerian to phish and he’ll become a prince and start emailing people with a once in a lifetime opportunity to win a fortune…….if only you’d send him your bank details. Or the Chinese kid who was born prematurely. Parents named him Sudden Lee. I suppose I’ve now committed a hate crime and am now expecting the withered arm of the Law to pay me a visit or to be trolled by the pink mafia, boggle eyed man-hating feminists,  the film and TV industry and The Offended. Oh well, it’s a fair price to pay.

Jason And Laura Kenny Expecting First Child

cyccling3.png  cycling4.jpg laura-kenny

Jason and Laura Kenny, winners of 10 Olympic Gold medals, have become the first couple in the world to be expecting a baby. Although Laura is a fantastic role model for girls everywhere she managed to include in her tweet about the pregnancy a couple of references to her sponsor Adidas in the missive; “will of course only be wearing the best @adidasuk @adidas” and “today was a new kit day @adidasuk,” plus “bouncing around in my new @adidasuk #ultraboostx.” The couple also posted a picture on Instagram of two adult and one child’s bike….with a baby size pair of Adidas trainers. One could infer that the golden couple are being a little cynical by highlighting Adidas products alongside their good news. Even the twin bearing Beyoncé avoided that nest of vipers, being happy enough to just accept half of a Grammy award from Adele for the mostly self-indulgent album ‘Lemonade’. Jason and Laura have repeatedly said that they don’t indulge in the self-promoting celebrity lifestyle, which is strange because they occupy more column inches than Donald Trump and Brexit put together. Still, at least they have achieved more than most celebrities so maybe making a few quid isn’t a bad thing….just a teeny bit hypocritical.

Kim Jong-Dumb Assassination- Female Hit-man Arrested

kimjingun.jpg  kimjongun.png

North Korea’s barmpot leader Kim Jong-un’s brother Kim Jong-nam has been assassinated in Malaysia following a breakdown in relations after Nam was overlooked for the leadership. A woman was arrested at Kuala Lumpur airport where Nam was poisoned on Monday. It has been widely reported that two women were involved, both thought to be North Korean agents, one seen on CCTV wearing a t-shirt with LOL on the front. You have to admire the chutzpah. Kim Jong-un is reputed to be furious that after 6 years being top of the list of world’s most dangerous and unpredictable leaders he has now been usurped by Donald Trump. Nam was initially targeted by Un because he tried to get into Japan’s Disney World, a symbol of American imperialism. He’s not keen on Starbucks or McDonalds either. Un recently tested an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM), which he fired towards Japan. The question now is; who will nuke North Korea first? 2/1 America, 10/1 Chinese and 2000/1 Britain (assuming we can get our missiles to go in the right direction). Kim Jong-un has not been seen in public for a few weeks – we now know he was spending more time executing his family. Right now there are three Kim’s in the news. There’s Kim Jong-Un, leader of North Korea, and then there’s Kim Kardashian, the reality star who’s having a baby with Kanye West. It can be kind of tough to keep track of who’s who. Kim Kardashian’s life is like a roller coaster; Kim Jong-Un isn’t tall enough to ride one. Kim Kardashian’s favourite movie is called Failure to Launch; Kim Jong-Un’s nuclear program is called Failure to Launch. The third Kim, Jong-nam, is dead. The North Korean leader has recently been awarded the highest rank in the country’s military. The decision was praised by everyone from Parliamentary leader Kim Jong Un to opposition leader Kim Jong Un.




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