‘Should’ve Gone To Specsavers’ – Brexit Secretary Trolls Shadow Foreign Secretary

dianeabbott1  dianedavid

Minister for Britain Exiting the EU, David Davis, has been caught out sending texts to a friend regarding an ‘incident’ with Shadow Foreign Secretary Diane Abbott after she voted for a bill giving permission to the Government to begin the process of leaving the EU. Ms Abbott was unable to attend the first vote on the matter due to a ‘migraine’, leading some to believe she had ‘bottled’ out of the vote but she recovered in time to grace the Commons with her presence on final reading and entered the lobby alongside the Conservatives. Afterwards Mr Davis is reputed to have asked for a hug, to which Ms Abbott told him to ‘F*ck off.’ Davis was later sent a text by a friend alluding to ‘hug gate’ and he replied that he did not ask for a hug, he just said ‘Thanks for your vote, hence the F Off. I am not blind,’ adding ‘Actually it would make a good Optical Express advert.’ This has been interpreted by some as ‘ugly shaming’ Ms Abbott. Whilst Ms Abbott is certainly more Reubens than Lowry, referring to a person’s looks in this way is just not cricket – after all Mr Davis is no Christian Grey, more a melted Gary Lineker who has been hit repeatedly with a mallet. Ms Abbott, who had a relationship with Jeremy Corbyn in the 1970’s, could be criticised for a number of things, particularly her opposition to private schools, then sending her son to a fee paying private school. Hypocrisy cuts across all political parties, but especially arch Socialists who play the rich man’s game to climb the ‘greasy pole’ whilst appearing to fight for the rights of lowly workers and the vulnerable (see Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and most of their Cabinet members). By the way is it wrong to post a picture purporting to be Diane Abbott and Jeremy Corbyn in flagrante? Of course it is, but funny outweighs hypocrisy every time.

..more to follow…


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