Government Privatises Student Loans

student2   student3

In an attempt to ‘bury’ bad news while everyone argues over President Trump and Speaker John Bercow, the government has announced they will be selling off student loans to private companies. This will apply to all loans taken out before 2012, which could be as much as £12 billion. The government insist this will not impact on former students who hold the loans…….a line that doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense. If it doesn’t affect former students or current students then the policy is as pointless as a bible at a strip club. Politicians have ignored the dictat in favour of discussing whether Donald Trump is sexist and racist (he is) or whether John Bercow is a self-serving, self-aggrandising, pompous, arrogant, smart-arse who loves the sound of his own voice (he so is). Nick Clegg, once the darling of the student population with his watch-my-lips promise to vote against plans to introduce tuition fees (he didn’t), has been silent, the Labour party have been silent and student unions have been silent because they are too busy protesting on behalf of Muslims migrating to America against the Trump travel ban and Brexit. The point of a Union is surely to look after the interests of members i.e. students, not to jump on whichever bandwagon suits the ambitions of the Student Union leaders. What could be more important to students than being saddled with tens of thousands of pounds worth of debt and then having that debt put into the greasy, grabbing, grubby  hands of private companies? In the style of a lecturer marking essays the conclusion for student unions should be ‘Could do better.’

Evil Facebook

facebook   facebook2

After a mum killed herself when two women trolled her with fake claims about her trying to kill a baby, a judge has described Facebook as ‘a tool for evil’. This is a bit like blaming a car for running someone over or blaming a gun for the terrorist attacks in Tunisia. Jailing the women for 10 months Judge Angela Nield  said, ‘Social media has a lot to answer for.’ In that respect few could argue with the statement but Facebook did not cause the problem, the women using it did. Remember when no one cared what you had for dinner? Well, they still don’t. Some people are grateful for social media platforms like Facebook – otherwise they would have to ring 376 people every night to let them know they were ready for bed. By the way, dear reader, if I’ve not been on social media for two days…call the police. To curb the problems faced by those on Facebook they should have a button to click for ‘Wow, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever read, someone should punch you in the throat.’

Hospitals Becoming A Danger To Patients

hospital2   hospital1

More and more hospital patients are dying on trolleys in A & E whilst waiting for a bed to become available. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt denies this is the case citing figures suggesting more people die in hospital beds than on trolleys. This is not so much an argument as an obfuscation on the highest level. 9/10 hospitals are reporting overcrowding and that they are beyond ‘safe levels’ of occupancy, currently 85%. The East Lancashire Hospitals trust in Blackburn say patients have been forced to sit on the floor as there are not enough plastic seats to accommodate the demand. One man was forced to watch his cancer-stricken mother die as she waited for 13 hours on a trolley. Richard Taylor said he was left devastated by the ‘undignified’ manner of his mother’s death, stating, ‘If she was an animal, they would have put her down – she was starving and dehydrated.’ Of course Mr Taylor could’ve provided his mother with a drink and some food himself but we can’t let that get in the way of the story.



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