Tories Plan To Concrete Over Green Belt

housing2  housing1.jpg housing3

The government will publish a White paper on Housing next week which is expected to pave the way for swathes of ‘sacrosanct’ (Communities Secretary Sajid Javid) Green Belt land to be destroyed in the construction of 1 million new ‘affordable’ homes. In what can only be described as acts of environmental vandalism the Conservative party will rip up the convention which protects areas of natural beauty in favour of profit – because as most of us suspect ‘affordable’ is a loose term meaning the majority of JAMs (Just About Managing) will have as much chance of purchasing one of these homes as Jeremy Corbyn has of winning next years Strictly. Strangely the government have chosen to completely ignore the most obvious method of providing housing for all – namely making habitable the estimated 600,000 empty homes in England alone. The White paper will allow government to overrule local councils who have voted against allowing Green Belt  development, much as they rode roughshod over those who were opposed to fracking in their area. I feel a protest coming on. So many things to rail against, so little time.

Should Trump’s State Visit Go Ahead?

queentrump.png  queentrump2

Professional protesters have been out in force to register their horror at the Queen’s invitation of a State Visit to US President Donald Trump. I for one saw none of these agitators on the streets to complain about the visit of the Chinese Premier or Saudi Royals, both of whom have human rights records outweighing anything the US has done at Guantanamo Bay…or Abu Graib…or in torture of suspects involved in rendition. Trump has hardly had a chance to become a despot yet and it would be one the most hilarious clashes of culture ever seen at Buckingham Palace. If he puts his wandering hands on the Queen I imagine the Secret Service (Prince Philip and the Masons, 33rd Degree) might just kick him to death. What else is going on in October? The dying embers of X-factor and Strictly? Trump has to be a highlight.


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