Over 1 Million Sign Petition To Stop Trump’s State Visit to UK

petition2   petition1

A petition to bar Donald Trump from visiting the UK for a State visit has been signed by over 1 million people. A number of high profile celebrities have put their names to the online appeal including the Queen, Prince Philip (under duress), 250 instances of Mickey Mouse, 600 of Adolf Hitler, 370 Jedi Knights and one of a deeply unsavoury individual, the rent boy loving Keith Vaz. President Trump has said he is ‘cool’ (he’s really not) about the petition and if the government block the visit he is reserving the right to nuke London. See? He’s not all bad. There will now have to be a debate in Parliament on this subject, which will make less difference than Wayne Rooney starting a Man Utd game. The petition came about after a number of Facebook ‘snowflakes’ decided to become offended on behalf of refugees across the globe, as they were offended by the referendum result and the outrageously illiberal NHS daring to call expectant women ‘mothers’. The NHS has also been asked to consider not calling soon-to-be dads ‘fathers’, instead they will, in future, be known as ‘b*stards’ for fear of upsetting transdads, who are really women…or are they men representing as women…or men wanting to become women…..or women identifying as men? WTF are they? There are currently 6 main categories of gender including; Gender Queer/Gender Non-Binary (in a game of animal, mineral or vegetable these people would identify as vegetable) and CISGender (someone whose gender is the same sex they were born………a bit like male and female then?). If Trump were to come out as ‘transgender’ the petition signatories heads would explode. Which bandwagon to jump on? Great British Somalian who lives in America Mo Farah is one of those who will fall foul of the Muslim ban if he leaves the US to see his family in Britain. He will be subject to ‘extreme vetting’ if travelling back to America including being made to run 10 miles pursued by the KKK (Farah WINS) and an intimate search to find asthma medication (Farah’s CLEAN).

Wheelchair User Refused Place on Bus

awheelchair    awheelchair2

Wheelchair user Kirsty Shepherd from Wakefield, Yorkshire was told there was not enough space on the bus for her even though there was enough room. Five days after a Supreme Court ruling that accommodation should be made for disabled people in a wheelchair the Arriva bus driver refused to allow Ms Shepherd access to the bus. The driver is now understood to be enrolled on a diversity course where he will have to live in a wheelchair for 5 days. On the first day it took him 6 hours to get home from work as fellow bus drivers told him he could ‘go take a running jump’ before they would let him on the vehicle. The driver has since started a petition which has 3000 signatures, 1,200,000 fewer than the ‘ban Trump’ campaign and 455,000 fewer than the ‘ban Keith Vaz from Parliamentary committees and gay brothels’ petition. Always good to know the liberal Glitterazi have their priorities right; next up saving the Peruvian Cheese Weasel (234,000).

Fake News – A Threat To Democracy?

fakenews2    fakenews3

MPs are today launching a Parliamentary inquiry into the spread of fake news items on the internet. Our representatives on the Culture, Media and Sport committee will be asked to determine whether ‘alternative truths’ are a threat to democracy or whether they’ve all suffered a sense of humour bypass. Politicians will consider banning made up news or entreating internet service providers to wheedle out the real from the ‘imagined’. One could argue that this is a bit rich coming from the people who gave us the dodgy dossier on the Iraq war, the police and government cover ups at Hillsborough and Orgreave, the projected economic meltdown after voting to leave the European Union, the lies surrounding the recent failed nuclear missile test,  that Keith Vaz ‘did nothing wrong’, the Moon landings, JFK and many, many more. Is it only fake news if ordinary people write it? So Parliament, vote on whatever you like but you can’t put the internet and free thought back in the box. You lie, we lie. It’s the human condition.



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