NHS Doctors Told Not To Identify Women Having Babies As ‘Mothers’ Because It May Offend Transgender People

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The British Medical Association (BMA) has advised it’s 160,000 members to refer to mothers-to-be as ‘pregnant people’ in a vigorous nod toward political correctness. The guidelines suggest that the 0.00001% of transgender people giving birth would suffer life changing mental distress if they were labelled as ‘mothers’. The BMA insists doctors should immediately adopt these terms in an effort to ‘celebrate diversity’. There is only one known case in Britain where a woman identifying legally as a man, but not having had surgery, has become pregnant but this appears to be enough for the BMA to change their terminology. In the last few months transgender has become the new black, almost trendy, which is why Serafina and Barclay from London pray that their 6 year old little cherub Titus will hurry up and identify as Nancy so they can gush about it at their dinner parties. For the sake of clarity there is nothing wrong with someone being transgender, it’s just that is no need to change public policy on the back of it. If we were going to do this for all groups who represent 0.00001% of the population we’d have to include those who are transmogrified (transcats), straight people with a handlebar moustache, feminists who like men and business leaders who give a sh*t about their workforce. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt waded into the argument saying, ‘Doctors warned me about trans fats 3 years ago but I misunderstood, I thought they were talking about diet……..’

….more to follow….


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