Meet, Greet And Tweets – May Straddles The Atlantic And The Bosphorus

amay223  amay2717

Prime Minister Theresa May has flown to Turkey to meet her second President in as many days. After talks with President Trump she is now holding a meeting with President Erdogan. She covered a wide range of issues with the anti-democratic, freedom loathing, racist, journalist baiting, power loving President…before flying to Ankara. Mrs May has taken some advice from Trump with regard to her Twitter feed, ‘It’s so much fun, you can say anything you want and the world goes apeshit,’ he said, laughing like a clown with a machete. Theresa May immediately started up an account, @itsreallymetheresamay in an attempt to inform the voters the Conservatives can’t reach, like the young, the middle-aged, feminists, the poor, JAMs and ethnic minorities. These are her first few tweets;

@itsreallymetheresamay  V happy to discuss NATO with @realdonaldtrump – he’s totally committed to everything except for troops and money

@realdonaldtrump Great discussions with key Trump aides, Ivanka, Trump Jr, Barron, Jared and a dog

@itsreallymetheresamay Long talk about the dishonest media lying about the numbers on Jan 23rd. I agree with @realdonaldtrump that this was the best attended inauguration ever

@realdonaldtrump The Wall? Really good idea. Maybe discuss similar with Nicola Sturgeon soon?

@itsreallymetheresamay  Bar foreigners from entering the US? I have a dream……….

@realdonaldtrump looking forward to State visit, so is @topdogQueenie – Prince Philip training the attack dogs #watchyournuts

I’m Not A Pheasant Plucker, I’m A Pheasant Pluckers Dad, I’m Only Plucking Pheasants Cos The Plucking Pheasants Dead

birdflu2.png   birdflu3

A pheasant farm in Lancashire has become the second farm in as many days to have birds diagnosed with Avian flu. Up to 1000 birds will have to be culled, affecting a large number of rich people’s restaurants and dinner parties. Experts say there is no danger to the general public, although ‘experts’ also said there was no chance of Corbyn, Brexit, Trump or another series of ‘The Voice’. We may forgive the first  three but not the last. Damn you ITV. A 1.8 mile protection zone has been set up around the farm but it is believed to be a forlorn effort to stop infection as birds tend not to be deterred because of their ability to fly. Public Health England (PHE) suggest the chances of anyone contracting bird flu are roughly equivalent to Boris Johnson winning Wimbledon or Bashar Al Assad picking up the Nobel Peace Prize.


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