Many Female Employees Expected To Wear Full Make Up, High Heels And Short Skirts For Work – Reasonable Requirement Or Sexist Claptrap?

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Sexism is alive and well in many British companies as they force women to wear ‘sexualised’ clothing such as high heels, short skirts and revealing blouses. The laws on discrimination are muddy in this area as it is not regarded as sexism if men and women are required to look equally smart. The definition of ‘equally smart’ is open to interpretation but being told as a woman to unbutton the top two buttons of a blouse or wear high heels when men can wear flat shoes, wear trousers and a shirt/tie does appear to be unfair on female employees. Why would an employer wish to see women wearing clothes better suited to a lap dancing club? ……….got the answer yet? Yep, me too. When men are asked to wear denim hot pants, thigh length leather boots and bear their chests then equality becomes the winner – wouldn’t everyone like to see Jeremy Corbyn, Boris and Keith Vaz in such an outfit? Okay, maybe not. As the BBC would say this issue has only arisen because we voted Brexit.

Build The Wall, Deport Illegals, Stop Muslims Entering US – Trump Begins To Deliver On Promises

border3   border1

US President The Donald had outlined plans to make good on his campaign promises to cut immigration by building a wall on the Mexican/US border and curtailing the rights of Muslims to enter the country. Trump began philosophically, ‘Did you know that race car spelled backwards is race car? That if you move the first letter of eat and move it to last it becomes the past tense, ate? And that if you rearrange the letters in ‘illegal immigrants’ and add a few more it spells out, ‘Go home you freeloading, benefit grabbing, children producing, violent, non-Americans and take those hairy-faced , sandal wearing, bomb making, goat worrying, rag headed b*stards with you.’ Trump is not known for pulling his punches. He has now intimated that Muslims from seven predominantly Muslim countries including Yemen, Syria and Iraq will have to undergo ‘extreme vetting’ before being allowed into the US. It is not known what ‘extreme’ relates to, possibly waterboarding, sending families to Guantanamo to await a decision and/or keeping a favourite child in prison as collateral. Trump will allow Christians in these countries to migrate but nothing has been said about the Muslims who are being persecuted by other Muslims. Trump doesn’t believe in ‘good’ Muslims. The President will also put forward measures to force so called ‘sanctuary cities’ in the US to begin deporting illegal immigrants. ‘Sanctuary cities’ are those who do not actively try to arrest or repatriate illegals. Just five days into his Presidency The Donald is moving faster than a Mexican running from Border police, and those who protested on Saturday will be eating their own arms with the injustice of it all. Madonna has reportedly melted in fury.

A Worryingly Fishy Tale

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Researchers have warned pescatarians and other fish lovers that their healthy choice to outwit the sands of time is not necessarily as healthy as first appears. It is estimated that on an average diet of two pieces of fish a week the consumer will ingest 11,000 pieces of plastic in a YEAR. This will comprise plastic bags, microbeads, packaging and plastic bottles. I have long campaigned against seafood…….actually ‘campaigned’ is a strong term, I have had internal mini thoughts about the issue. I wouldn’t eat fish if it tasted like sirloin steak, after all most of the world’s shit (literally and figuratively) ends up in our oceans swilling round to be eaten by shellfish and fish. Not only that but it all tastes of……well, fish….and plastic. Little did Jesus know that when he fed the five thousand with two fish (what were they, great white sharks?) he was also poisoning them. He also fed them carbohydrates which, as every healthy eating Nazi knows, is a guaranteed early death. That’s Jesus for you – just not thinking of the greater good.                                            And yes, MickeyD from Leicester, I know plastic wasn’t invented in Biblical times, it was just a joke. There’s you believing in Noah and the Ark, Jesus and the Resurrection and God creating the world in seven days and you’re telling me I have inaccurately represented the state of the oceans 2000 years ago? Tw*t.



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