Enemies Of The People – Part Deux

justice1    justice3

Lawyers and nappies have one thing in common. They should both be changed regularly, and for the same reason. Supreme Court judges have voted 8 – 3 to force the government to consult Parliament before triggering Article 50 to begin the process of leaving the European Union. After entreating the British people to make a decision to stay or leave the EU two anti-democratic foreigners, Gina Miller and Deir Dos Santos and 11 unelected judges have managed to put into doubt whether 17.4 million people will get their wish to withdraw from the undemocratic, overblown, profligate European Superstate. On the plus side the judges decreed that the devolved parliaments in Scotland and Northern Ireland do not, in law, have to be given a say in the process of triggering Article 50. This has resulted in Nicola Sturgeon’s head exploding with the injustice of it all; in NI there is no one in Stormont to give an opinion so we can take their silence as tacit agreement to whatever the government proposes (on a side issue all the MPs at Stormont who are now effectively without a job till the NI election will continue to paid by UK taxpayers, as they were when the NI MPs wouldn’t work with each other for 2 years). Theresa May will now put a motion before Parliament to ask MP’s for permission to invoke Article 50 at a time of her choosing. Probably March. Unless the House of Lords get antsy. In which case the PM may decide to abolish the largest cronies club outside of China, Russia and North Korea. Now that would be a result for democrats in all parties – apart from the Liberal Deadocrats who have more representation in the unelected House of Lords than in the Commons. Nick Clegg has recently resurfaced as a self-appointed arbiter of democracy. He can only fairly be described as hypocritical as Madonna lecturing on the virtues of feminism. ‘Like A Virgin’, conical breast wear and dressing like a cheap whore is not making a case for the empowerment of women.




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