Trump – Mad, Bad, Cad or Fad?

a12trump   at1rump

Sixty hours into Donald trump’s Presidency the right-on leftist liberal protest movement has moved from occupying the streets of America, Britain and Nigeria (?) to criticising Trump because he misspelled a tweet. The Donald had the temerity to spell honoured as ‘honered’. This is the level the debate has now reached; forget the oppression of ethnic minorities, women, gays and the disabled, Trump is a serial misspeller (how evil is this monster?), that’s the most important crisis facing the world. On Saturday up to 5 million people across the world, mainly women, united in their distaste of a Trump Presidency by making banners, marching and singing anti-Trump anthems – strangely though Trump received 40% of the overall female vote so who exactly was protesting? The redoubtables – LGBTQs, black activists, feminists, communists and others who have no idea what ‘democracy’ means. Just for the avoidance of doubt the winner of an American election becomes the President – if these professional protesters wanted a different outcome they should have voted in enough numbers to stop Trump. As they didn’t these people should STFU and go back to eating quinoa, Quorn and Tofu (three of the dwarves in The Hobbit I think) while drinking Kale and Cherimoya smoothies. Americans appear s to have citizens who will cross the ocean to fight for democracy but will not cross the street to vote. Political commentators have found a friend in Trump (although most are anti-anti-antsy) as they now have a ready made column on a daily basis – this stuff writes itself. It is surely too early for anyone to have a definitive position on how the Presidency is progressing, not that the Press seems to acknowledge this. The first test for The Donald is how he treats Theresa May next Friday. If he doesn’t grope her or tell her he’s going to build a golf course in the grounds of Buckingham palace we’re in positive territory. Is he mad, bad, cad or fad? Probably all of the above. He has more in common with Boris than you’d think.

Rocket For May

amay2  amay

Prime Minister Tresemme has failed to answer questions on whether she knew about a failed nuclear test weeks before a Commons vote  on renewing Trident. Mrs May was asked 4 times to provide an explanation as to why a nuclear missile, instead of flying towards Africa ended up careering towards the United States. Each time she obfuscated and obstructed, lied and lurched, refusing to confirm nor deny her prior knowledge of this potentially catastrophic malfunction. The Prime Minister stuck to the ‘Blackadder’ defence ‘Deny everything Baldrick’. Mrs May came to power promising politics will be done differently under her leadership. Hmmm, covering up stories which are of immense interest to the British public and detrimental to the government seems a lot like the politics of the past – the people are informed on a need-to-know basis. The scary part of this story is that we could’ve nuked Florida, which would have put into doubt our special relationship with peace-loving pacifist Donald Trump. The Prime Minster should take note as you should never start fights with ugly people – they have nothing to lose. The problem with trouble shooting is that trouble shoots back. So I say have hope for the future, but maybe build a bomb shelter anyway.

Burnt Toast A Killer Say Scientists

ascientist23  ascience

A nerdlet of scientists have spent their multi-million pound research grants trying to determine whether burnt toast is a danger to public health. To allow some headroom they have also performed the same tests on well done roast potatoes, crispy bacon and barbecue flavoured crisps. The outcome? Yes, of course they’re all dangerous – a bit like every food stuff known to man, according to science. It appears that exposure to daily life is fraught with peril – unless you’re eating industrial quantities of Kale (cabbage for ar*eholes). Kill me now. The top killers for the 21st century are listed as; air quality, sunshine, food, drink, sleep, mobile phones, cars, swimming, jogging, Trump and an alien invasion. If you can avoid these things you may well live to see the inauguration of Donald Trump Jr. Or take yourself off to Dignitas a couple of months beforehand.


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