Terrorist Retires From Front Line Politics

ira2  ira

Ex-IRA frontman and deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has announced he will not fight the forthcoming Northern Ireland election due to health problems. McGuinness was heavily involved in sanctioning murder, kneecapping and punishment beatings in the heyday of the odious IRA. The parents and families of those killed under the instructions of McGuinness will probably not shed too many tears and may even hope that his illness is painful and long drawn out; a little justice for the innocents who died at the hands of the cowardly IRA. It is particularly ironic that the IRA spent decades fighting the British Army for control of Ireland and then ceded control of everything to the EU without a whimper and then McGuinness and Jerry Adams (is he ill? I do hope so) joined the devolved NI Parliament PAID for by the British people – perhaps IRA sympathies can be bought with a £100,000 job at Stormont? The Irish Republican Army – killing defenceless children since 1922. Such brave people.

Trump Reaches Inauguration Ceremony Without Being Assassinated

mel1  oba1

Well, that’s my £10 at the bookies down the drain. The crowds are 1 million shy of those for Barack Obama’s inauguration and are mainly white, mainly protesters. A few speeches have been made by some Godly types; reading passages from the bible that appear to be having a pop at Donald Trump. How did God know? I suppose She knows everything. Some singers from Missouri killed a song by making themselves sound like a cat’s chorus, an exclusively white choir sang ‘America’ as if we were approaching Armageddon. Maybe they read the US Intelligence files – after all, who hasn’t? Watching Trump’s speech all I could think of was a megalomaniac stroking a white cat while throwing James Bond into a crocodile pool saying ‘I’ll determine the course of the world, Mr Bond’. His main messages included ‘buy American, hire American’ and the Cliff Richard Eurovision winner ‘Power to the People’, ‘America is unstoppable’. At no point could Trump be described as ‘humble’ during the speech and he spoke well enough to make completely off-the-wall  policies seem reasonable. In short, a politician already.



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