Surrey County Council To Impose 15% Increase In Council Tax

counciltax1   counciltax

At least Dick Turpin wore a mask. Conservative-led Surrey County Council is proposing to raise council tax for all by 15% in 2017/18. Council leader David Hodge explains that the government has cut funding by £170 million and the shortfall must be made up somehow, by someone. Critics claim this is a preposterous tax hike that will affect the most vulnerable disproportionately. In the last five years councillor expenses have risen by 28% which includes councillor jollies to just about any country you can think of. Fact finding tours, apparently. Their belief in their own importance knows no bounds. Who else could go to a small island in the South Pacific, where there is no poverty, no crime, no unemployment, no war and no worries – and call it a ‘primitive society’. Council tax has become the proverbial hot potato for government and councils alike so they will probably change the name of it very soon – it worked with schools = academy =faith school = free school = technology college.= grammar school = prison (crime school). I suggest the new name could be ‘Taxi McTaxi Tax’. The only good news is that locals will have to endorse the rise in a free vote – you would have to be a raving nincompoop to vote for larger bills? Still, let’s remember Trump. The bad news? They’ll more than likely ignore the popular vote and do what they want anyway. That’s democracy, UK style.

No One Of Any Note To Perform At Trump’s Inauguration

donaldtrump   donaldtrump2

On June 20th 2017 the cream of American musical talent will be busy doing anything else other than performing at Donald trump’s inauguration. Trump’s first….second…third…..seventh…..and twenty-third choices have been trolled out of being part of such a historic event (and that’s historic in terms of the dinosaurs being wiped out by an asteroid). Jackie Evancho (second in American Idol 2010, of course) has the honour of singing the National Anthem to the tune of the ‘Theme From Rocky’; at Trump’s behest. Others on the line-up are the Radio City Rockettes, Silhouettes, Pelican 212 and Circus 1903. …….it’s like the line-up from the Wyre Piddle Music Festival – obscure on every level. Still, there will be at least one comedian present.


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