Wheelchair Beats Buggy In Law Court Shootout

wheelchair2    wheelchair

A disabled man, Doug Paulley, has won a Supreme Court case relating to an incident involving a woman with a buggy using wheelchair space on a bus. The Court ruled that bus drivers must do more to accommodate wheelchair users and, if necessary, shame the frazzled mothers of young children into moving or getting off the bus perhaps miles away from home. Seems like a fair price to pay for having the temerity to use public transport AND take a buggy with you. Wheelchair users should, of course, have fair access to transport but riding roughshod over mothers is probably considered assault with a deadly weapon.

Gaffe Prone BoJo Surpasses Himself

boris   boris2

Affable buffoon, accident waiting to happen, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has compared the French President to a World War II camp guard by urging the President not to administer punishment beatings to the UK for voting to leave the EU. Boris was actually at his diplomatic best – he didn’t call the French ‘cheese eating surrender monkeys’, he didn’t call the German leader ‘Herr Merkel’ and he laughed off the rumours of he and Donald Trump in a Moscow hotel room. Critics say that Mr Johnson’s comments alluded to the film ‘The Great Escape’, a movie which sees peoples of many nations risking everything to escape the influence and cruelty of one dangerous deluded fascist. Oh, and there was also the bit with Steve McQueen on a motorbike.

2016 A Record Breaker

climate  climate2

After a thrilling race with 2015 2016 became the hottest year on record – the third year in a row it has been broken – prompting the climate change lobby to be a little smug although still denying there is scant scientific evidence for such a theory.  According to a new UN report the global warming outlook is much worse than originally predicted. Which must be bad because they originally predicted global warming would destroy the planet. So, is climate change a wild conspiracy dreamt up by 95% of the world’s brainiest to keep the research grants coming in or a bit of a superstorm in a teacup? On balance, agnostic.




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