“The Inevitability Of Gradualness” – Corbyn Pitches For The Votes Of The Uneducated Poor

corbynspeech  corbyn-speech2

Arch Marxist and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has made a widely rambling speech at the Fabian Society conference. London, of course. Corbyn used the opportunity to lay out his (but not necessarily the Labour party’s) policies on the NHS, employment, transport and Donald Trump. He made an inclusive joke about the “inevitability of gradualness” which made three or four Old Etonians (Labour, of course) snigger. He also talked about the wage inequality between employers and employees, making the point that bosses are earning far more than their workers – wouldn’t be much point being a boss if you didn’t?  Corbyn criticised our ‘rigged system’, proselytising that the system should put the needs of the many against the needs of the few, a direct quote from Spock in ‘Star Trek – The Wrath Of Khan.’ That’s Corbyn for you; supporting the alien over the human. He maintains that the people who run Britain (civil servants mainly) are taking the rest of us for a ride, entreating Labour voters to get on a ride with him – turns out the ride is The Smiler at Alton Towers. I’m paraphrasing a little here but the speech could be summed up as ‘rich bad, poor good’ – which doesn’t explain why 99% of the prison population come from a poor background. Must be rigged. The Labour leader was very earnest in his belief that the NHS and particularly social care were being chronically underfunded – as Corbyn said, the NHS has not been in so much difficulty in the last 100 years (although it only came to be in 1948) – his solution? More money, more foreign workers, cut doctors pay, ban pharmaceutical companies from charging the NHS 103 times as much for medication as it would cost in a supermarket (a sensible idea, I’m beginning to like this guy…….only kidding) and NHS trusts to be nationalised (thought they already were?). From the man who thought it was a good idea to make Diane Abbott Shadow Foreign Secretary these ideas are equally batshit crazy.

Weathermaggeddon Latest – Light Rain, Minimal Snow, 10mph Winds

weather.jpg    weather2

Weather forecasters have once again failed to predict the end of the world as we know it as thousands of evacuated residents of the East Coast woke up to find their homes still standing after a night of unrealised heavy tides. Many of the homes have, however, been ransacked by opportunist thieves who ignored the dire warnings from the Met Office and waded through 1cm of water to reach their targets. With weather forecasting now as reliable as a US Intelligence report is it not time for all of us to begin using the most accurate means of telling the weather? – look out of the bleedin’ window folks. Where I live it did turn out to be very cold last night, at one point I fell out of bed and broke my pyjamas.

Costa Yens For China

costa  costa2

Premier League irritant and cheating footballer Diego Costa has been barred from travelling with the Chelsea team ahead of their game with Leicester today. The club have not given a reason although Costa is believed to have been offered £10 million per week to play in the Chinese league – the equivalent of the English National League North. When, Why and How are just three of the players he will be working with in Shanghai. Costa’s first game will be a comprehensive 4 – 0 victory say Chinese government officials. Back in London Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has reportedly asked Costa, ‘Have you heard of Polonium?’


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