One Third Of All Female Joggers Have Been Subjected To Sexist Abuse

sexism  maala

A study by England athletics has shown that one third of women joggers have been harassed or wolf whistled while out jogging. Two thirds of those asked said they felt ‘anxious’ when out jogging. Many women were having to put up with car horns beeping, men leering out of car windows and wolf whistles. Is this really the best we can do in 2017? Men have been asked how they regard the ‘other’ men who do this – many of them believed that a wolf whistle should be seen as a compliment, which makes them unevolved, ill mannered, crass and more stupid than a Donald Trump tweet. They weren’t asked whether they would be comfortable with their wives, daughters, mothers and girlfriends being abused by random men. To those who think it’s acceptable behaviour, like, for example, bin men in York, do remember it is an act of gross misconduct. How dumb will your family think you are when you lose your job for such a ridiculous reason?

Trump Denies Sex Allegations


US Intelligence chiefs have warned President-elect Trump that Russia has a number of compromising videos of him in Moscow and St Petersburg watching live sex. They also have details of many of Trump’s financial dealings, which may or may not be ‘dodgier than Philip Green’s tax returns.’ Trump has responded by saying that the FBI and CIA are ‘full of s**t.’ I feel sorry for anyone who may have had to watch the sex tapes – that may be the kind of thing you can never ever forget but it made a great career  for arch feminist Kim Kardashian, so The Donald might yet turn it to his advantage.


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