Make Parliament More Reflective Of Society

equalopps   malala

The Women’s and Equalities Committee has suggested that there should be 45% of women as Parliamentary candidates by 2030. They are asking PM Theresa May to pass a law which would fine political parties for having below 45%. Strangely, the Committee recognises that more than 50% of the population is female yet do not see that a 50/50 split would be more equal. No such box ticking is argued for ethnic minority representation, presumably because this would infuriate the 20% of Nazi’s on the Tory benches. No mention is made by the Committee to of trying to ensure equal outcomes for women as well as equal opportunities, after all ability is nothing without opportunity. What everyone should bear in mind is that Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did, but she did it backwards and in high heels – the inference being that women who seek to be equal to men are lacking in ambition.

Cap The (Too) Rich Says Corbyn


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has broken his self-imposed silence to say that wages for the top earners in the country should be capped and tied to the earnings of the lowest paid worker in the company. If any further evidence were needed this shows that Jezza has not really understood how a free market and capitalism works – it may not be the best way but that’s the system we’ve got. It is not known whether his proposals would include Union chiefs pay and conditions – many of them earning more than the Prime Minister and twenty times more than their members earn. It is rumoured that Corbyn’s ambition is to be the UK’s anti-establishment candidate, a British Donald Trump, if you will. Trump has run a successful business empire, Corbyn err…hasn’t, Trump has won an election, Corbyn…..no, he hasn’t, Trump gets away with writing and saying the most outrageous things, Corbyn….oh, yes, he’s done that, Trump’s party hate him, Corbyn’s party hate him, Trump hates blacks and women, Corbyn sleeps with them. Like two peas in a pod.

FIFA Attempt To Completely Ruin World Cup


The most corrupt organisation in the world, FIFA, have decided to increase the number of teams in the 2026 world cup to 48 from 32. Most of the extra places will go to those nations for whom football is as popular as Donald Trump at a mosque; China, African nations, Middle Eastern countries and Scotland. The new ‘improved’ World Cup will now last for 3 months and will probably be played in Vietnam. FIFA estimates that it will earn over $800 million in extra revenue, most of it going to FIFA staff who have already received millions in bribes from the Vietnamese Football Association.  On the plus side, for England to make it through to these world cups they will only have to beat San Marino, Gibraltar and Andorra. Scotland will lose out to Accrington Stanley to a last minute disputed penalty. Gotta laugh.


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