Whatever Happened To The Labour Party?

corbyn1  corbyn2

Listen………..that’s the sound of the beating heart of Labour. The sound of silence. Does anyone, including Labour MP’s, know what their economic policy is? Immigration policy? Brexit policy? Foreign policy? Me neither. Who occupies seats in the Shadow cabinet? Nonce finder general Tom Watson (still not apologised for accusing the dying Leon Brittan of being part of a VIP paedophile ring. Number of those accused by Watson found guilty of such offences? Nil. Nada. Zip.), ex- Corbyn lover (eeuugh) and lunatic Diane Abbott………..not sure of any others, could be Cat Stevens, Louis Walsh and Jedward.

PM Tackles Mental Health Issues

mental-health2   mentalhealth1

No, not her own. Prime Minister Theresa May has spoken of her abiding passion to help those with mental health issues. There will be additional training for teachers, £15 million for community care (that’s about £5-70 for each town in the country) and improved support in the workplace. NHS trusts have already received substantial grants to deal with increasing numbers of adults and children with mental health problems but they’ve spent it all on ‘normal’ patients. There is, of course, a stigma attached to mental health issues (why can’t we remove these stigmas with elective surgery?) but the belief that sufferers might decide to kill on any given day is erroneous – nowhere near all of them will kill you.


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