Trump And The Russian Hackers

trumphacking   trump2017

Following a US Intelligence report stating that there was ‘almost certainly’ Russian involvement in the hacking of Democrat email servers Donald Trump has responded by saying it was the Democrats own fault if they were compromised by hackers – after all what self-respecting political party uses ‘password’ as their cipher for accessing all their private emails? He also intimated that no one could possibly know who the culprits were, effectively suggesting US Intelligence agencies were involved in ‘propaganda’ and ‘guesswork’. The Intelligence agencies have made no mention of the fact that, under Barack Obama’s direction Angela Merkel’s was hacked two years ago (hypocrisy?). This is the first time the FBI and CIA have been attacked by their own President (elect), even when their spies were 100% certain Saddam Hussain had Weapons of Mass Destruction, that North Korea had tested a Hydrogen bomb, that Fidel Castro was a real and present danger to the US, that Lee Harvey Oswald killed John F Kennedy, that Richard Nixon was a ‘stand up guy’ and that ISIS had infiltrated Starbucks. For all the stick Trump gets from the liberal and left wing press perhaps a healthy does of scepticism from the incoming President may produce better results than the hawks who have occupied the White House for 50 years. Maybe. Or he could start World War III, which makes the next 4 years one hell of a rollercoaster. And who doesn’t like rollercoasters? Trumps hair?

Woman Remembers Where She Left £7million In Gold Bars


A woman has come forward nearly two years after the bank heist at Hatton Gardens, London in 2015 to claim she is short of £7million in gold bars kept in a safe deposit box at the bank. It is unknown why she has only just realised this but police are treating the claim as genuine. The gang who carried out the raid, known as ‘Dad’s Army’ because of their advanced ages, were convicted last year with most of the £21 million stolen yet to be recovered. These days criminals see the perfect crime as getting caught and then selling the story to film  makers – which is exactly what has happened in this case – next year a film of the robbery starring Larry Lamb, Bruce Forsyth and Piers Morgan is to be released. Police say this theft was as bad as crime in multi-storey car parks – wrong on so many levels.


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