2016 Review Of The Year

I See Dead People

2016 has been a bumper year for dead people – civilians in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Nigeria, Mexico, France, Germany, Belgium, Yemen and America have been victims of terror states, dictatorships, Islamic terrorists and ‘home grown’ barmpots with access to lethal weapons – America, that’s you (try the equation; fewer weapons available to buy at Wallmart = fewer innocents killed). QED. However, our beloved media are far more interested in celebrity deaths than in the slaughter of over a million men, women and children. Ali, Aherne, Wood, Michael, Bowie, Cohen, Wogan, Rickman, Fisher, Frey, Glenn, Lee (Harper), Reagan (Nancy), Prince, Castro, Wilder and many other notables unfortunately shuffled off this mortal coil. It’s said that only the good die young and this seems proven as Assad, Erdogan, Al Baghdadi, King Salman of Saudi Arabia, Citizen Khan, Gove, Vaz, Philip Green, Wiggins, Trump, bankers, Ashley, Hopkins, Pistorius, Honey G, BBC commissioning editors and the cast of Towie continue to enjoy the privilege of breathing. Fingers crossed for 2017.

Heroes Of The Year

The families of the Hillsborough victims completed their 20 year fight against the establishment for justice for their loved ones. Taking on the police, the government and the law the families finally nailed the lie that Liverpool fans were responsible for the tragedy. The disgusting, discredited South Yorkshire police force were shown to be involved in one of the most comprehensive cover ups in British history – and still not one of them has been charged. True justice has yet to be done.

Team Of The Year

Of course this award should logically go to Leicester City but British Team Cycling have played an absolute blinder in convincing the authorities that transporting a package of Fluimucil across three countries to the stricken Bradley Wiggins was legitimate. The award could also have gone to the Russian government for covering up their state sponsored doping of most of their sporting stars. But, they got caught, so not so clever then. Other teams in the running were Oldham Athletic for their brand of ‘total football’………….oh I’ve been dreaming again haven’t I?

Politician Of The Year

Farage? Trump? May? Johnson? Corbyn? Balls? Vaz? It’s like having to choose between the seven horsepersons of the apocalypse so, in all seriousness only one person stands out, Jo Cox – a genuinely well liked and respected MP. There aren’t many of them so she should be remembered fondly.


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