War And Police – The Thatcher Files


Political records filed in 1989 and 1990 were released on Friday. The record shows that in’88 three anti-nuclear protesters broke into a nuclear submarine at Faslane naval base. Prime Minister Thatcher responded by ordering sentries to ‘shoot on sight’ anyone found trying to gain access to the submarines. This is very much in line with Thatcher’s attitude to civil disobedience; militarising the police to smash striking miners at Orgreave and poll tax protesters in London, waging war against conscripted 18 year old Argentinians in the Falklands and sinking cruiser General Belgrano as it was retreating from battle – the seafaring equivalent of shooting an enemy in the back. Not so much ‘The Iron Lady’ as a precursor to Bashar Al Assad, Saddam Hussain and Colonel Gaddafi. The records are automatically released 30 years after the event so that most of the people who were involved in these affairs are either dead or demented. This is politics in the UK – the truth is told at a distance of over a quarter of a century. In 2047 we will finally discover what exactly was going on with Brexit – those of us hoping to get a clear picture by March 2017 may as well try to get an honest reply from British cycling and Bradley Wiggins over his use of Therapeutic Use Exemptions….or performance enhancing drugs as the rest of us know them…….okay, sue me Bradley. Mrs Thatcher was always known as a ‘divisive figure’, which is thought-speak for being an absolute *%^=)<+$#@*.

Twit For Spat – Diplomats Expelled In Hacking Row


In retaliation for putting Donald Trump into the White House Barack Obama has expelled 35 Russian diplomats and their families from the US. In response Russian ministers are calling for 35 US diplomats to be thrown out of Moscow. The two superpowers are now engaged in a childish war of strength, Obama trying to make life as difficult as possible for the incoming President and Putin sticking his tongue out, twisting his ears and saying ‘Na Na Na Na Na’. We don’t yet know who Nana is. In a more serious development in the proxy war in Syria, Russian planes are now bombing US backed rebel groups as well as hospitals, schools and the local Greggs. The Americans cannot respond in kind as they have no one left to obliterate.


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