Wine? No, Can’t Serve You That, Bacon? No, Can’t Serve You That, Lottery Ticket? No, Can’t Serve You That

 bacon      burqa

A Muslim employee working at a Tesco store in Shepherds Bush, London refused to serve a customer with a bottle of wine, claiming she was forbidden from touching alcohol. Wine generally comes in a bottle so what she was actually refusing to do was touch glass. This is the latest in a long line of incidents across the country where Muslim employees have refused to serve customers with, amongst other things, bacon, sausages, lottery tickets and any form of alcohol including shandy, chocolate liqueurs, sherry trifle and Madeira cake. Management at these stores have supported these employees by getting white people to serve the items instead. Christians in predominantly Muslim areas are being forced to wear the full burka for fear of offending  Islamic shoppers with their outrageous displays of bare arms and legs – may not be true at the moment but give it a few months. Those Christians who wear a crucifix to show their devotion have been told they cannot wear them in case they cause a Muslim to convulse with rage and turn into a radical. I managed to smuggle a pack of chipolatas through a till at Asda disguised as a box of Halal burgers. One – Nil.

Lies Of The Wi-Fi Spies


Shoppers are being tracked by some stores as they try to connect to the in-store wi-fi. These stores, including companies like Marks and Spencer, then ‘follow’ shoppers as they move from store to store. M & S say that this is not subversive, it allows them to give their customers an ‘individualised shopping experience’ – whatever that means. It is best to realise that mobile phones are now essentially a ‘tracker’ – anyone who wants to know can pinpoint your location instantly, which is strange as 200,000 people per year go missing – surely some of them must have phones? Perhaps the police should collaborate with retailers so they can find out how to do it.


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