This Christmas, it gave up, my heart

And the very same day they took me away

Next year to save you from tears

I’ll be releasing something special……

…..A greatest hits album

georgemichaelI remember George when he was straight, like I remember Michael Jackson when he was black. Actually, it was always plainly obvious that he was gay but he couldn’t say so because of the times…..or possibly because more women bought his music than men – a bit like X-Factor winners who come out when they’ve released the difficult second album. That pink pound is very powerful. Either way I don’t care about his sexual preferences, he wrote some really good tunes – although his collaboration with Elton John on ‘Don’t Let The Son Go Down On Me’ was overtly sexual…..what?….it was ‘sun’? Okay, I just misread it.  Obviously I can’t mention anything to do with Elton and his wife David Furnish other than they are a morally upstanding pair and excellent parents and neither of them would get involved in something we, the public, might find distasteful……yes, my lawyer says that’s okay. I was hoping to tell you that *!*?+*<$=;&£^@}{*^%£_+}$=^….damn, I’ve been censored by the celebrity police.


I’ve just invited the couple next door over to share my bath of coconut oil, which is a tale in it’s own right, and has nothing to do with the story above. At all. No, really it doesn’t. I can’t emphasise enough to you, dear reader, that the two are absolutely unrelated.

……..more to follow……..



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