Don’t Agree With Same Sex Marriage? Here Come The Gaystapo


Former Archbishop Of Canterbury Lord Carey has been removed from a University ‘Hall Of Fame’ because of pressure from LGBTQ groups. Lord Carey is not a supporter of same sex marriage and as such has been targeted by students at King’s College London. This is the latest in a long line of people who have been wiped from the college’s history; including historian Sir Michael Howard and Archbishop Desmond Tutu . Other universities have faced similar pressure. The LGBTQ propaganda targets mainly white older men; some still alive, most dead but they tend to ignore more overt homophobic actions e.g. radical and not so radical Muslims (the type who want to, or actually do, throw gay’s off buildings or execute them in public). This is maybe because the Muslim radicals will fight back and people like 75 year old Lord Carey will not. He has refused to comment. If the LGBTQ community changed their stance and became involved in calling out those from other religions who are misogynistic, oppressive and anti-gay then they may garner more support. Calling an old white man ‘homophobic’ is too easy, almost bullying. My suggestion is for the LGBTQ pressure group is to grow some balls.


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