Yahoo Admits 1 Billion Accounts Hacked – 3 Years Ago


Yahoo has finally admitted they were the subject of the world’s largest hack in 2013. The first surprise is that Yahoo has 1 billion accounts. Are they positive? No one uses Yahoo surely? The 1 billion compromised account holders will not be told if they are one of the hackees (may not be a real word), they will have to wait to see if their bank accounts have been cleared. Yahoo originally claimed 500,000 account details were stolen but were wrong by a factor of 50%. They could do with using a computer to get the actual figures. Yahoo’s sale to Verizon for £4.83 billion is now on hold – Yahoo still smarting from turning down £40 billion for the business only 2 years ago. Sometimes incompetence can become a habit.

Police Officers In England And Wales ‘A Bit Thick’


The College Of Policing (COP) has announced that all police officers in England and Wales will have to be educated to degree level by 2020. This will, more than likely, lead to a shortage of policemen and women by…….around 2020. The police are not generally known for their academic abilities….more by their ability to shoot unarmed, mainly black, citizens. They are also well known for their inability to prevent suspects, mainly black, from falling down the stairs at a police station and for their fists getting in the way of an arrestees face. New degree courses are being lined up to fit the skills needed to be an officer of the law; ‘To Tase Or Not To Tase? That Is The Question’, ‘Yes’ is the answer, ‘How To Appear Empathetic To Ethnic Minorities’, female officers should grow a beard and wear a burka, ‘How to avoid a law suit’, you’re a police officer, you are immune from prosecution, ‘How to avoid being blamed for Hillsborough’, retire and claim you’ve got dementia.

Labour MPs Cover ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’


Oh dear. Like cats fighting in a sack a group of Labour MPs have recorded a version of Live Aid’s ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’. Yes, really. The song highlights the businesses who have performed disgracefully over the past year according to Labour apparatchiks. It has to be seen and heard to be believed so here it is;

Keep a bucket by your side and something sharp to poke yourself with. Please don’t sing along – it only encourages them.




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