First Right-wing Group Banned Under Terrorism Legislation


Home Secretary Amber Rudd has designated right wing group ‘National Action’ a terrorist organisation because of their racist, homophobic, anti-semitic and sexist views. This is the first time a right wing group has been barred under this legislation. Muslims, Jews, gays (and all the LGBTQRSTU community) and Mumsnet have welcomed the move – an unholy alliance of organisations who all equally hate each other. This is the first indication that this government will try and outlaw all right of centre parties – apart from themselves – to leave those with these kind of views with only the Tories to vote for. Meanwhile Sharia courts are still allowed, hate preachers feel free to spout their homophobic, anti-Semitic, anti-women bile, forced marriage and FGM continue to be practised without question. A spokesman for ‘National Action’ said, ‘I’m not answering questions from a gay Jewish woman. We will only talk to ‘The One Show.’  In other news Muslims have kicked up a fuss about a Morrison’s pasty that contained non-halal meat. Which proves that if the mountain won’t go to Mohammed………Mohammed will make one out of an effing molehill. In a bid to restore balance I’ve written a book about a transsexual with a speech impediment. It’s called ‘Man or Myth.

Force The Poor To Pay For Social Care


Ministers are set to approve a higher than inflation rise in council tax to offset the crisis in the care sector. More than 1 million people who need care are getting no help at all, a fifty per cent rise in 6 years.  Council tax is paid by rich and poor alike, although the poor pay a greater percentage of their income than e.g. Theresa May and the entire Tory party, Jeremy Corbyn and the entire Labour party and Tim Farron (Who? He’s the man who has just returned from space….wait….no, I’ve looked it up and he is the leader of the Liberal Democrats – learn something new every day) and the entire……….well, him and a few mates. Taxing the poor is not an unusual move for governments…..in fact it is a well trodden path by the jackbooted army of inhuman thieves. The difference between a dead rat and a dead taxman found on the road? There are skid marks by the rat. The government know they have a good tax accountant as he had a loophole named after him.

5 White Men In Charge Of The FA Say The Organisation Is ‘Too White and Too Male’


Irony is lost on the FA as they decide to argue for a more diverse board. They have 120 members (yes, 120!), six females and 4 from ethnic minorities. Greg Dyke says that the job of a board member is very difficult as the game has moved on in the last 50 years. He did not specify what ‘very difficult’ equates to……maybe a day down the pits, a 12 hour shift at Sports Direct or Foreign Secretary? Some analysts believe this is like ‘Turkey’s voting for Christmas,’ which is unlikely as it’s a Muslim country. The odds of the white, male board being replaced by women or ethnic minorities in the next 5 years are the same as Leicester winning the Champions league AND winning next years X-Factor. About 3/1 with Ladbrokes.


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