Stop Calling Boys ‘Boys’ And Girls ‘Girls’ Says Think Tank ‘Think Tank’


Another barmy conglomeration of politically correct liberal thinkers has suggested pupils as young as 7 should not be referred to by their gender for fear of upsetting all those 7, 8 and 9 year olds who identify as ‘transgender’. The group believes toilets should be gender neutral; one for ‘Person’s Who Stand To Wee’ and ‘Person’s Who Sit To Wee.’ Being transgender at the age of seven must be very difficult, especially for the parents………oh, wait a minute, it’s the parents who must be pushing this agenda, indulging little Barry who likes to wear women’s clothes. This must, of course, mean that Barriet is trans or it may mean he is being a ‘normal’ child (God forbid because trendy London parents love the idea they have a kid that is ‘different’).  Current trends suggest that in 20 years 1 in 3 Britons will identify as transgender – if you can’t beat ’em (no, you can’t beat ’em, that would be a hate crime) join ’em. Young people will know they’re transgender by the age of 7…….or perhaps not, as they have no understanding of gender politics. So, sorry to all you parents – but when your kids come out as gay, bi or transgender, it’s not about you – it’s a dystopian view of sexuality.

…more to follow….


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