Fake News In The News; Does This Make It Real News?


Hillary Clinton has come out of hiding to give a speech complaining about the preponderance of fake news sites. This follows an American man opening fire on a pizza restaurant after reading that Clinton was holding a meeting there. Fortunately no one was injured but it does show, yet again, that any cretin can get hold of lethal firearms in America. Whether this was the fault of fake news is (extremely) debatable, it is probably more the fault of the dangerous, thick, moronic shooter. On a separate point does anyone know the whereabouts of Piers Morgan today? In other news, after the recounts in Wisconsin and elsewhere, Hillary has won the election……..and then she woke up, checked her twitter feed and collapsed to the floor crying, ‘Noooooo, it’s like Brexit all over again…but with Trump, Americans and lacking a European angle. I’m going to kick Bill so hard.’

Edlington Torturers Granted Lifelong Anonymity


Two brothers who tortured 2 other children in South Yorkshire have been awarded lifelong anonymity on the basis that naming them would breach their human rights. Aged 10 and 11 the two boys lured the two victims, aged just nine and eleven, to Edlington near Doncaster and perpetrated a series of sickening attacks including; being throttled, hit with bricks, made to eat nettles and to perform sex attacks on each other. One boy had a sink dropped onto his head, used a stick to create a wound and put lit cigarettes into the fissure. The two torturers were in foster care at the time and the judge has decided they have ‘suffered enough’……………who says the judiciary is out of touch?  Maybe we should be putting the judge on notice to spend the rest of his life on the Brexit panel. When perpetrators are treated better than victims it’s time to look long and hard at our Criminal Justice System and the judges who interpret the law. I read recently that the economy is now so bad that the Mafia had to lay off 3 judges the other day.

So, the judge asks the policeman, ‘Officer, what do you think of the man that was shot using a starting pistol?’ The policeman said, ‘I think it was race related your honour.’

Time For The International Olympic Committee To Embrace Drug Use In Sport?


After a lengthy investigation into Russian athletes doping (see picture above of Russian pole-vaulter Ekaterina Tomoromorovinenko) at London 2012 a committee has found over 1000 examples of drug taking to enhance performance. The use of some medicines for personal reasons, like cyclists who suffer so badly from asthma they have to take their medicine directly before a race, new currently untraceable drugs and hormone treatments which may also be deemed ‘legal’ leave open the possibility of holding a drug accepted Olympics. Who wouldn’t want to see someone run the 100m in 7seconds, or throw a javelin out of the stadium? I was worried about buying tickets for the 2020 games as I’d read a lot about fake tickets. I needn’t have been concerned though because my tickets for the men’s wheelchair triple jump seem genuine enough.


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