Time Magazine Names Trump As Person Of The Year 2016


Influential magazine Time has named President-elect Donald Trump as their person Of The Year. This is the magazine who once named Adolf Hitler as Man Of The Year. The shortlist for the prestigious award included Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin, Christopher Biggins and Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. Also included in the list was Nigel Farage (yes, that much is true). Hillary came second in the editors poll – just missing out on the top slot…..again. Time defended their decision on the basis that Trump ‘changed the nature of US politics’. That is certainly true, future American elections will encourage every goofball in the country to have a go – we can all learn from the mantra, ‘if Trump can do it, anyone can do it.’ Trump was pleased to receive the accolade saying, ‘This is a great honour. A really great honour. This means great deal to me. A great deal. how upset is Hillary? Really? Good.’


Mosul 2016

These are ordinary people living in the midst of a nightmarish war, moving from street to street to avoid bombs, guns and Daesh killers. Little wonder these poor unfortunates want to live in a different country. The constant bombing has left the city looking like Glasgow centre on a Friday night….without the drinking.

Bird Flu On The March

time bird flu.jpg

Forgotten deadly virus H5N1 or ‘bird flu’ has returned to Europe with some voracity. Bird farmers in the UK have been told to keep their birds under cover. Experts are saying this outbreak can be tackled but how are they going to stop birds flying? Bird flu can be quite destructive to birds but a few antibiotics will sort a human out. So, no real panic then. Get your turkey early though. Little tip in case there’s a scarcity in the next couple of weeks.


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