Pannic(k) Attack In The Courtroom


In the second day of submissions to the Supreme Court government lawyer, James Eadie QC outlined the case against having a Parliamentary vote to trigger article 50 of the EU treaty. Many of Eadie’s arguments have been questioned by the judges in a way which may suggest to the initiated that their support of the government line has, at the very least, wavered, if not completely collapsed. One may conclude that these Establishment figures are against the UK leaving the European Union and were supporters of the Remain camp. Lord Pannick, the main lawyer pushing South African Gina Miller and hairdresser Deir Dos Santos case, will address the court later, arguing that the EU referendum did not give the government the right to Carry On Regardless with their Leave schedule.  Crusty, out of touch, over-revered, undemocratic, arrogant and unprincipled the judges will give their verdict in January. We all know the result. In another farcical move it was revealed today that all the judges involved spent the weekend practising how to enter the court and sit down, in case any of them were unsure how to put one foot in front of another or plonk their backsides down on a designated chair. If they cannot be trusted to perform these two rather mundane activities, why on earth are we letting them preside over the most important legal question in a generation? It is not known whether the judges were instructed how to leave the court but yesterday 3 judges fell over each other and two ended up in the broom cupboard.

Ski Trip Death


University student Matt Smith has died whilst on a Skiing trip to the French Alps. This is obviously a tragedy and I view it as so. However, it is the reporting of this death that is rather strange. In virtually all newspaper and internet accounts of the incident Mr Smith is described primarily an ‘Oxford’ student on an Oxford University holiday – as though the term ‘Oxford’ gives this death an added tragic tone. Would someone from e.g. Lancaster University or Bog Standard University be described thus? Checking for deaths occurring in ski resorts over the past couple of years there is very little information or reporting. Is this because they were not from Oxford or Cambridge? Are they unworthy of print? Or is an Oxford University educated person a greater loss than others (to the Oxbridge educated media at least)?

Merkel Burka Ban


German Chancellor/EU leader Angela Merkel has suggested she is ready to ban the wearing of the burka in German public buildings. This follows her decision last year to allow 1,000,000, mainly Syrian, refugees into Germany, much to the disgust of the far right AfD party. In order to give herself a fighting chance of winning next year’s election Merkel is beginning to adopt some of the policies of the far right, including speeding up the deportation of refugees who have committed crimes whilst in Germany. The burka is, of course, worn by women who want to irritate white people or women who have been subjugated to the point they cannot decide for themselves even what clothes to wear. The wearing of the burka is also an attempt to stop men looking upon these women with lustful thoughts (hmm, nice eyes), which may explain why (predominantly) Asian men choose to groom young white girls rather than Asian girls wearing a head-to-toe blanket.


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