Abuse In Football Scandal – Another Coach Implicated


As the fallout from the football child abuse scandal continues another former coach, Bob Higgins, has been implicated in matters relating to historic sex abuse. Higgins worked for Southampton and Crewe helping bring through a number of first team stars. Former Saints youth team players Dean Radford and Jamie Webb were amongst those who bravely came forward to allege wrongdoing by Higgins. Chelsea were the first club to drop a confidentiality clause preventing Gary Johnson from going public with his claims of abuse. Chelsea also paid Johnson £50,000 in ‘hush money’. In 1997 Hampshire police felt the need to warn schools and youth groups about Higgins saying he was ‘considered a risk to children’, even though he was acquitted in 1992 for offences from 1985 to 1989. The conspiracy of cover ups, like that at Chelsea, cannot be isolated to a few clubs. It cannot also be confined to the clubs, one player contacted the FA many years ago. No investigation transpired. This shows how a culture of silence can lead to the creation of monsters like Jimmy Savile. On Friday the FA, including new England boss Gareth Southgate said there were now measures in place to ensure this kind of abuse could no longer happen. If new measures were adopted then the FA must have known their current system was not fit for purpose. What did they know? When did they know it? What did they do about it? Are the clubs covering up their involvement to save the team’s embarrassment and reputation or for the benefit of the abused? In Savile’s case there were political organisations, charities, hospitals, media and others turning a blind eye to his behaviour. This looks a very similar issue. Meanwhile, the Child Abuse Inquiry, which never previously considered sport to be worthy of investigation, continues to wade painfully through treacle and has achieved precisely nothing since 2014, costs estimated to be North of £100million.

All the ex-players who have so far come forward are relating their experiences from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Is it reasonable to assume that all the abuse in football ended in those eras? There must be current players who have suffered – but are they being gagged by their clubs? This must happen in other sports also; rugby? cricket? darts? Maybe not darts – look up Eric Bristow and his less than helpful comments. The world governing body of football, FIFA, has said, ‘………………..’, nothing at all, which is not like them as they have no history of burying their heads in the sand……..unless it was to dig up a sack of cash.

Social And Racial Integration Is ‘A Myth’ Says Report


For all those who live in racially diverse communities the notion that individual cultures are subjugated as a result of social integration is as ridiculous as Ed Balls dancing ‘Gangnam style.’ Even in that Glitterdome of multiculturalism, London, there are Somali areas, Indian areas, Jewish areas, Polish areas, Nigerian areas etc. Racial integration is a government sponsored myth to make everyone feel like ‘we’re all in this together’ (where have I heard that before?). An idea has been put forward to force any new migrants to take an ‘Oath Of Allegiance’ to Britain. That should sort it. Migrants are already asked to take an exam on ‘Britishness’ – an exam which most Brits would fail. The ‘Oath’ would bring us into line with the Americans, who famously have no issues with race, culture and religion…apart from the police force shooting unarmed black men as they go about their lawful business. Apart from that blacks and whites mix like a Tiger mixes with a  zebra.

‘Brexit’ Judges Hear Government Appeal


10 white men and 1 white woman are today hearing the government appeal against having to consult Parliament with regard to triggering article 50 for beginning the process of Britain leaving the European Union. Apparently there are black judges but they work in a lower court segregated from the more powerful paler judges (perhaps they should take an Oath of Allegiance). Campaigners who forced the original ruling that MPs would have to give the go ahead to Brexit include Investment manager and South African Gina Miller and Deir Dos Santos (sounds British), a hairdresser. The Supreme Court judges will hear evidence over the next four days before deciding to roll with the Establishment and deny the appeal (currently at odds of 99/1 on with Ladbrokes, about the same probability of the sun rising tomorrow morning). Judges are, of course, impartial and live similar lives to those who voted to leave in the first place……..that may be untrue as is the assertion that the judges spend most of their time picking up rent boys and cross dressing. Are they enemies of the people? We’ll have to wait until January to find out.



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