Goldsmith Gamble Goes Goofy


Self-styled man of the people Zac Goldsmith has lost in his attempt to retake the Richmond Park constituency after resigning the Conservative whip in protest over the decision to build a third runway at Heathrow. Multi-multi-multi millionaire Goldsmith believed the people of Richmond would reward him for taking a principled stand over the controversial new runway. Instead those people voted in the Liberal Democrat candidate Sarah Olney – the ultimate insult to any aspiring politician. Goldsmith turned a majority of 22,000 into a 2000 vote defeat. Tim Farron (he is, apparently, the Lib Dem leader) suggests the result marks a sea change in the fortunes of the Liberal Democrats – they now go from 8 to 9 seats in Parliament – and that they are now the natural opponents of anyone who voted Leave. There are two things voters said they dislike about Tim Farron – his face. Liberal supporters are today wearing their supercilious faces which, by law, means you can slap each and every one of them until they apologise for the tuition fees fiasco, their part in the coalition and their generally smug attitude. Speaking of parties on a course of self-destruction and decades in the political wilderness, Labour polled just over 1500 votes, which is fewer than the number of their paid up members in the constituency. Goldsmith looked rather grim and upset as the Monster Raving Looney Party commiserated with him. Good.

New Album – Elvis Sings With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra


Since his death in August 1977 one of the most influential performers of the 20th century, Elvis Presley, has released over 20 albums, the latest of which is a collaboration with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. This has happened to many dead stars, John Lennon, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Keith Harris and Orville and many others. For those of us who have Elvis albums. Elvis’s Greatest Hits, Elvis’s Greatest Hits II, The Best Of Elvis and The Ultimate Elvis this is an album too far. I feel exploited and may well buy Honey G’s album of Elvis covers performed in rap to register my protest.


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