Exodus From EU’s Basket Case Countries To Britain Continues Unabated


In the year to June 284,000 migrants have arrived in the UK – a record number. 1 in 10 of these are Romanian, another record figure. It appears the government has abandoned those voters who voted for Britain to exit the EU citing immigration as a major concern. By the time Brexit has been secured (if it ever is) there will be another 600,000+ EU migrants and roughly the same number from outside the EU. If the government were building houses at the same rate then it may be argued the issue is mute. But, they’re not. We’re building at the rate of 150,000 per year. The problems going forward are therefore obvious – NHS capacity, Housing capacity, Social services, employment, increased benefit expenditure, school places and cultural tensions. Nigel Farage, currently unemployed ex-UKIP leader, commented, ‘You want a comment? You’re the BBC? Okay, buy me a pint of Old Stumpton’s Peculiar and a packet of Rothmans. Right, so record numbers of migrants, EU leaders berating Britain’s negotiating stance and the courts trying to overturn the decision. Which bit did I not get right?’ In response Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said, ‘This is like when Geri Halliwell overestimated  her viability as a solo artist and left the Spice Girls. Do I want to see lower levels of immigration? Well, yes and no with the emphasis on ‘don’t want to answer’…….has anyone seen Diane Abbott? Y’know I learned a lot from Fidel Castro. He once told me ‘you can’t lose a homing pigeon. If your homing pigeon doesn’t come back then all you have lost is a pigeon. Wise words which I blindly follow.’ Of course the main problem with the In/Out referendum was that there was no ‘shake it all about’ option. It is now believed other EU countries may follow Britain’s lead leading to Grexit, Departugal, Italeave, Czechout, Oustria, Finish, Byegium and Fruckoff.

Meanwhile the bosses of Sainsbury’s, Marks and Spencer and Morrisons have said Britain’s Food and supermarket sector will need continued access to migrant labour after cu

Britain leaves the EU. This would suggest that British people cannot man tills, stock shelves or pick fruit and veg. Only Romanians and Poles can do this kind of job due to it’s specialist nature. It doesn’t appear possible to be able to train and employ the indigenous population. Similarly the Bangladesh Union of Retail Providers (BURPS) has indicated they cannot recruit qualified staff to make their curries – cook the meat, add the veg, add some spices. Hey presto, a curry. Does it specifically need a Bangladeshi chef? How many white people are employed in Britain’s integrated curry houses? My guess is 3 and they’re all converts.


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