Punk Memorabilia Burned On Barge In London


Ahead of the 40th anniversary of seminal track ‘Anarchy In The UK’ by the Sex Pistols, the son of Pistols manager Malcolm McClaren, Joe Corre and Vivienne Westwood have burned £5million of memorabilia from the era on a barge on the Thames. Mr Corre and Westwood were protesting at the plans for celebrating the birth of punk saying, “You can’t learn to be a punk at a Museum of London workshop. Punk has become another marketing tool to sell you something you don’t need. The illusion of an alternative choice. Conformity in another uniform.” However Pistols bass guitarist, Glen Matlock, said the protest was, ‘dopey’ and that Mr Corre is ‘not the saviour, he’s just a very naughty boy.” London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who is organising the tribute, will pay homage to the haircuts of the time by sporting a red, white and green Mohican whilst wearing bondage trousers, Doc Martins and a nose ring. Boris Johnson and Price Harry have decided not to attend, even though Harry does own a very passable Nazi uniform. As the ultimate anti-establishment movement punk followers may well have a chance of winning the next election.

Prison Staff Receive £100 Each, Courtesy Of Taxpayers, For Turning Up To Work


Following the recent walk  out by prison officers in protest at conditions within Britain’s jails, those who decided strike action wasn’t for them are to receive a £100 payment for going to work. Taxpayers are rightfully delighted at this turn of events, especially nurses, police officers, fire-fighters and baristas (people who make coffee and…….no, that’s it really), who feel that subsidising the wages of other public sector workers is a social responsibility. Over two people thought this was reasonable. The Government think-tank UPIT (United Plan for Inmates and Transients) argue a reward for what are intrinsically strike-breakers/scabs is part of Justice Secretary Liz Truss’s ‘comprehensive overhaul’ of the Criminal Justice system. Other ideas include letting criminals go home for weekends and then locking them up for 24 hours a day for the rest of the week. What could possibly go wrong?

Is the prison crisis a modern phenomena? In 1989 I wrote the following; ‘Britain’s jails are bursting at the seams……acts of individual and mob violence spiral ever upwards……police and society grow more polarised….scandals proliferate with senior officers investigating one another….judges are increasingly vilified and lawyers feel the chill wind of reform blowing through their chambers…the government is curtailing legal rights which have existed for centuries…the voluntary sector crime management industry  burgeons whilst the probation service searches for a way ahead…’ Not much appears to have changed in 27 years.

Not So Welcome In Germany – Merkel To Deport 100,000 immigrants


German chancellor Angela Merkel has performed an extraordinary volte-face in the wake of criticism of her decision to allow 1 million immigrants from Africa and the Middle East into the country. As the German election looms ever closer Merkel has pandered to far right rhetoric and decided  to step up the rate of forced returns. Many of the returnees will make their way to Calais to form another ‘Jungle Camp’, so called even though there are no trees – not so much a Jungle as a car park with tents. Donald Trump has sent a message of congratulation tweeting, ‘What do you call the deportation of 100,000 immigrants? A start.’



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