50+ Footballers Contact Child Abuse Hotline


The NSPCC has heard from over 50 footballers within 2 hours of an abuse hotline being set up. They claim they were the subject of historical and current abuse. Former England and Tottenham player Paul Stewart claims there could be ‘hundreds’ of cases on the scale of the Savile Inquiry. Former Crewe player Andy Woodward also spoke out about the abuse he received at the hands of a thrice convicted paedophile. Woodward has been invited to discuss his claims with the FA on Thursday. Meanwhile the ‘wide ranging but not including football’ Child Abuse Inquiry led by Professor Alexis Jay has yet to hear from a single victim of abuse in two and a half years. How can it be that the FA can set up hearings for victims within 2 weeks yet the £18 million Inquiry has got precisely nowhere since July 2014? The FA, not necessarily known for their swift, expedient actions (Gareth Southgate et al) have shown Professor Jay and her cohort of ‘experts’ and lawyers to be professional procrastinators. Perhaps the next head of the Inquiry, after Professor Jay resigns for ‘personal’ reasons (meaning she doesn’t have the first idea how to progress the Inquiry) should be Garth Crooks or Alan Shearer.

Blair To Help ‘Politically Homeless’


Mega-rich warmonger and demagogue Tony Blair has spoken of his desire to help those who feel politics has betrayed them. He argues that the Labour Party’s lurch to the left has alienated many of the Party’s supporters. After leaving the political front line Mr Blair became an envoy for peace in the Middle East and bought as many houses as he could whilst earning obscene amounts of money to speak to people who have more money than sense. As a peace envoy since 2007 Blair achieved……..absolutely nothing – the Middle East is still as much of a basket case as it was prior to June 2007. Blair believes he speaks to those Labour supporters feeling disenfranchised in Corbyn’s Socialist Revolution. However, Blair speaks for the poor in much the same way as a baseball bat speaks for the face it just smashed.


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