Oldest Woman Reaches International Space Station


Eighty-nine year old Peggy Whitson has beaten her own record to become the oldest woman in space. Peggy commanded the ISS in 2007 and first went into space in 2002. Peggy had been languishing in a care home in Iowa until she won a raffle with the prize of a trip to space. Known to be a ‘natural astronaut’ she moved through the ranks swiftly. On reaching the ISS Peggy said, “oh no, I think I’ve left my medication at home.”

Merkel Seeks Fourth Term


De-facto European and German leader Angela Merkel has decided to do a ‘Margaret Thatcher’ and ‘go on and on’. Merkel has announced her intention to seek the top office for a fourth time. The last time the Germans had a leader with such a dominance of power…..well, let’s just say it didn’t work out at all well. But, Merkel is up against the resurgence of the German right- a line I think I heard in a film about Rommel -who seem opposed to 1.000.000 immigrant Syrians. However if they are  a million strong and the Nazis are probably less than 5000 in number, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Legalise Marijuana Say Influential Group Of MPs


Irrelevant ex-deputy PM Nick Clegg (remember him?) has joined the chorus of calls to legalise cannabis following 8 US states decision to approve the sale of marijuana to  over 21’s. Parliament recently voted to criminalise the sale of ‘legal highs’ and are now lobbying to de-criminalise illegal highs. Legalising cannabis would make marijuana a ‘legal high’, thereby making it illegal. This approach obviously makes very little sense – a bit like the government’s approach to Brexit, muddled, ill-conceived, shady and clueless.

Queen To ‘Crowd Fund’ Palace Repairs


Following the outcry over the taxpayer picking up the bill for a £369million refurbishment of Buckingham Palace the Queen has put in place a crowd funding website to help offset the cost. Of course those who will crowd fund the project will be taxpayers so we are no further forward. The Queen is the richest woman in the world but won’t put her hand in her pocket for repairs to her own house. Those in support of the Royal DIY SOS claim the Royals bring in millions of pounds to the economy. However, bees contribute more to the British economy than the Royals. One idea discussed was the sale of some of the Queen’s treasures but no one knows for sure whether the gems are real or not. It could all be costume jewellery.

May’s Trumpet Call To CBI


Prime Minister Theresa May has addressed business leaders at the CBI conference today. ‘Innovation, innovation, innovation’ was the mantra May adopted while giving nothing away with regard to her plans for Brexit. Will we stay in the customs union? Will we put an end to freedom of movement? Answer there was none. The PM suggested that in future there will be ‘wealth and opportunity for all’. The smart money is on that not occurring. We will also be a ‘stronger, fairer Britain’ said May but had little to say on how this will come about. She added that there will be a new green paper on the environment, although green paper is, ironically, not very good for the environment.


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