£50 To Watch Executions – Saudi’s Selling Tickets To Tourists


Tourists in Saudi Arabia are being offered tickets to witness executions. £50 will buy a front row spot to watch someone being decapitated. The British foreign office says they are ‘aware’ of this recent development and will make their views known to the Saudi government. It is reported  that over 1000 tourists have so far paid to see this ‘spectacle’. A statement by Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson reads “the Justice system in Saudi Arabia is very different to ours and the British government would not want to interfere with the machinations of this oil rich state”.

Trump Offers Job To Clinton


Donald Trump has ‘reached out’ to his arch rival Hillary Clinton by offering her a post in his cabinet. Clinton has reportedly been asked to head up a commission looking into cyber crime. A spokeswoman for Mrs Clinton has cautiously welcomed the move and will hold talks with the President-elect in the next few days.

In another shock move Trump has appointed Mrs Clinton’s hairdresser John Barrett to his entourage.

10 Commandments Sold For $850,000


The world’s earliest stone carving of the ten commandments has been auctioned for $850,00, although there are only 9 commandments on it. The buyer has asked for a 10% discount on the purchase because the carving was described as containing all the commandments. The auction house has responded to the claim by suggesting there were ten commandments when they received the carving but a bit of the stone broke off when it was dropped by one of the staff. He has since been flogged and taken off transportation duties.

81% of British Firms Have been Hacked And Don’t Want You To Know About It


A new report by the Cyber Crime Commission (CCC) suggests the vast majority of British firms have fallen victim to hacking in the past five years. As a result of Freedom of Information requests companies have told the Commission that they do not routinely inform their customers that hacks have taken place. Reasons given for this secrecy ranged from “we don’t want to worry our customers unduly” to “we didn’t even know we’d been hacked. How can we let customers know something we don’t?”

Heading up the CCC Keith Vaz MP said, “Justice should always be seen to be done. Millions of innocent people have been misled with regard to the security of their information and I, for one; will ensure I am on as many committees as needed to resolve this growing problem.”

Orange Peel Slows The Development of Alzheimer’s


New research carried out in Valencia, Spain appears to show eating orange peel every day can arrest the onset of Alzheimer’s. In the studies 65 out of 78 patients experienced improvements in memory capacity, movement and speech. Smithkline-Beecham are now working on the development of an orange peel pill which they say will cost no more than £5 per pill to the NHS.




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